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With life constantly changing in the world at this time and having to make a committing to anything long-term seems a little daunting. What I’ve noticed with myself is yes, I commit to something however in the back of my head I keep in mind that whatever I made a commit to can change. For nearly two years, this has been the new for me and many others.

I use to teach yoga to at least 4 to 17 people per class, I use to have a weekly schedule stating the location where I’ll be and what type of class it will be. Now, for over a year that has changed, my classes have been all virtual for exceptions for a few contracts; majority of it has been online.

One night after midnight, I was laying in bed in deep thought, yes I also do deep thinking in bed. No, not really I was really between sleep in that REM but still aware I was trying to sleep. Very awkward that stage. Anyway..this idea came to me; like all my other great ideas. Instead of offering a continuous yoga classes, why not offer short term yoga programs? No pressure on the student to continue to keep coming but will still get the same benefits.

Benefits to 1-1 Yoga class

  1. You can book and work around your schedule
  2. We can spend more time on a Asana if required.
  3. Classes’ are all private and confidential
  4. More comfortable, gain confidence
  5. You can choose what type of yoga you like

What type of yoga do you offer?

I offer several styles that will suit your needs.

  1. Gentle Hatha – a great and gently practice for beginners
  2. Restorative Yoga – A deep and relaxing yoga practice
  3. Kundalini Yoga – The yoga of awareness, this involves breathwork, chant and Kriya’s.
  4. Yin Yoga – a slow-paced yoga practice, Asana’s are held up to 3 minutes.

Where can I Pay and how?

If you are Canadian, you can pay by Email Transfer to and PayPal

If you are in the states or worldwide, you can pay by PayPal.

Please note: All Fee’s are in CAD.

We can also book a 45 Minutes free consultation for any questions you may have.

You can also email me at if you any inquiries.

All My Relations,


Offering 1-1 Usui Reiki Training

When talking to friends, they’d ask when is your next Reiki Training? but it was difficult for them to commit due to other commitments or it was never the right time for them, so I’ve made it easier for you to get trained. 1-1 Reiki Training with me!

You’d still get the same important information as you would get in a group setting. One great thing about getting private training is you can spend as much time on a topic as you’d like, you choose a date that suits your schedule. If you like to split it in 2 days, you can do that.

What is Reiki you ask??

The word Reiki comes from two Japanese words REI means ‘Universal Life’ and KI means ‘Energy’. Reiki is Universal Life Force. Reiki is a Japanese energy healing modality that promotes healing, reduces stress, clears blockages, clears the mind and more benefits.


What is included?

Reiki Level 1
  • Learn Cho Ku Rei/ Power symbol
  • Techniques to help you access your intuition. 
  • Learn the energetic imbalances and areas which require healing.
  • History of Reiki
  • Learn meditations practices
  • Cleansing/Clearing/Grounding practices
  • Understanding the Chakras 
  • Exploring yours and others energy field
  • Learn the energetic protection
Reiki Level 2 
  • Prerequisite Level 1
  • Learn Distance Reiki 
  • Learn past and future healing
  • Symbols Sei-He-Ki
  • Symbol Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Zen
Reiki 3 – Master/Teacher
  • Prerequisite Reiki Level 1 & 2 
  • Learn additional symbols
  • How to pass Attunements
  • Step by step to setting up your Reiki Business 
  • Coaching & support

So if you feel you’re being called to enter the world of energetic healing of Reiki, or to offer Reiki to your already practice as a Modality, or to bring Reiki into your community or simply add Reiki to your own practice. Now is the time…

What will I receive?

When you are registered for the Reiki Level 1 training, the Reiki Manual will be sent to your email 1 week prior to training.
You are welcome to pre-read, practice hand positions, write down questions. Upon completion and Attunement, you’ll receive a certification to your email.

What is the cost?

The cost of the Usui Reiki Training:

  • Level 1 is $195.00 CAD
  • Level 2 is $225.00 CAD
  • Level 3/ Master/Teachers $275

A non-refundable deposit of $75 is required. All fees are to be paid before Training date.

Payments can be made by Email Transfer, Paypal or Credit Card.

Email if you have any inquiries or simply use the contact page.

Cancellation Policy:

24-hours advance notice is required when rescheduling/canceling an individual appointment.

If no-shows, same day cancellations. All fees are forfeited.


Sunday Self-Care – Pick a Card

Week of August 1st – August 7th

Happy August! Here are this week picks …get settled, take a deep breath and choose 1 -3 cards.

Selenite (left card)

Amethyst (middle card)

Raw Citrine (right card)


If you chose Selenite, a Vision Board is calling to you. I love vision boards, I have one in my bedroom. I look at it everyday and its reminder what I’m working towards. Goals I have in life, things on my bucket list. One things I have on my vision board is a picture of a whale because I always to go whale-watching and guess what? I finally got to that with my best friends last year. Another thing I wanted to do was become a Yoga Teacher, I also have that on my vision board and now I’m a yoga teacher. Never underestimate the power of putting things out into the Universe. Whether you draw it, write it down, say it, think it, visualize it, or put it on your board.

If you chose Amethyst, you are being called to bake. This card was in one of the picks too, possible last weeks? I did give the deck a good shuffle! So, what baked good are calling to you? I’m still in search of a perfect Banana Bread recipe. Would love to hear your favourites.

If you chose Raw Citrine, you are called to Sync with the Moon. New Moon is coming up on August 8, a time to put your energy into Manifestations. The feminine energy is ruled by the Moon, she rules our Moontime (Menstrual cycles), rules our fertility. the energy of planning and starting planting new idea. When we think about what we really want, it’s easier to manifest it into existence. A time for new beginnings, what are you manifesting?

Sunday Self-Care – Pick a Card

Week of July 25 – July 31

Choose 1 or all 3 cards of your choosing.

Take a deep breath and tune in and go with your intuition.

Black Tourmaline ( left card)

Clear Quartz (middle card)

Moonstone (right card)


If you choose Black Tourmaline, you are in needing to connect with Crystals. Crystals are great for grounding and other benefits. Crystals carry different energies and properties, you can have in different parts of your home, office, car and on person.

If you chose the Clear Quartz crystal, you are in need of some Aromatherapy, There are different ways you can do this. Example; burn Sage, make a Cedar spray, light some Incense, light up an Oil Diffuser, or light a scented candle. Aromatherapy has a soothing, meditated and relaxation feeling.

If you chose Moonstone crystal, spirit is suggesting you build an Alter, Now, an alter doesn’t have to be religious or anything. When we think of an alter, first thing that comes to mind is a cross of Jesus. However, an alter can be anything important to your spiritual being and growth. Things to add to your alter, candles; incense, medicines, smudge bowl, tarot/oracle cards, any photos of passed loved ones, crystals, sprays. This is your alter, you make it the way you like it.

For your own personal Tarot/Oracle reading, please to go following link to schedule.


Sunday Self-Care – Pick a Card

Week of July 18 – 24

Choose 1 or all 3 cards that are offered. Take a deep breath, tune in and go with your intuition.

Jade – (left card)

Citrine (middle card)

Desert Rose (right card)


If you chose the crystal Jade, you are welcome to write your gratitude list in your journal. It is a beautiful thing to say/think of something your grateful for, by writing your gratitude list, you put that energy out into the Universe for more abundance; words are energy and so are written words.

If you chose crystal Citrine, you are in need of some BAKING! yum! Baking is another form of meditation. Did you know? to tune out the rest of the world as you perfect your goods. To be intune with your measuring, watching the ingredients blend together, the curiosity of the taste and the patience as the bell goes off on the timer. What will it be? Banana Loaf? Carrot Muffins? or Sugar Cookies?.

If you chose Desert Rose, you are in need of Stillness. Stillness can take place over a cup of coffee as you watch the birds thru your window, stillness can take place right before you jump out of bed, our body and minds are so wrapped up in being busy all the time that we at times feel guilty when we are not doing anything. So set your timer for 2 minutes and just sit/lay there and do nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Again, you are welcome to choose 1 or all three and do them throughout the week

For your own personal reading, please send me and email or choose and time/date from the Calendly link.


Sunday Self-Care – Pick a Card

Week of July 11 – July 17

Sundays Self-Care – Pick a card is back! ….because we all need it.

I will draw 3 cards for your choosing, you are welcome to choose 1 or all three. You are welcome to do the activity today or save it another day this week, the intention behind of self-care sunday’s is to do the activity today or the next few days.

Take a deep breath and go with your intuition..

Clear Quart – left card

Lapis Lazuli – middle card

Amethyst – last card


Clear QuartzGround Yourself

If you chose Clear Quartz, you are in need of grounding. Too much time in our heads leads to anxiety. Here are suggestions to help with this.

  • Walking barefoot in the grass
  • Grounding Meditations
  • Smudging your area
  • Water – swim, bath, shower, go fishing
  • Gardening
  • Wear grounding Crystals – Tiger’s Eye for example
  • Create – draw, paint, bead, sew,

Lapis Lazuli – Sound Healing

If you chose Lapis Lazuli, you are in need of some sound healing. Sound healing can be very healing, and relaxing. It changes the atmosphere/energy in the room, it lowers stress levels, improves sleep, depression and anxiety.

Here are some suggestions for sound healing

  • Use Tibetan Bowls
  • Go to a Gong Bath
  • Use Tuning Forks
  • OM Chanting
  • Humming
  • Singing along to your favourite song
  • Drumming/Shakers
  • Tingsha Meditation Bells

Amethyst – Connect with Fire

If you chose Amethyst, you are in need of connection with fire. In Indigenous community, a fire is a connection to the spirit world. A bridge between worlds. Next time you make a fire outside, take notice how everyone become hypnotized by the fire, it becomes meditative.

Here are some suggestions with connecting to fire:

  • Candle glazing
  • Sitting around a fire
  • Doing a fire/flame meditation.

So I hope you get to do one or all of them today or this week! there are no rules, you are welcome to any of them as much as you want. Enjoy!

For your own personal Tarot/Oracle reading send me email and lets get your scheduled.


a day of mourning

As I awaken at 6 am on July 1, 2021, I feel an overwhelming of emotions and the not wanting to wake up. Begging my body and myself to ‘please go back to sleep’, a foolish attempt to void my emotions. The sun shines brightly thru the heaviness in the room, the heaviness that weighs on my heart and my spirit.

After an hr and half of tossing and turning, Spirit reminded me why I was on the road I was on. Years ago, after the death of my sister Too-Lee and nephew Arnold, died almost a year apart. I fell off the wagon of sobriety for a while… when I decided to stop drinking and smoking I had to sit with myself and make a decision whether to continue to do what I was doing and continue that downward spiral or begin my healing journey. The choice of starting my healing journey scared me, because I knew I was about the deal with some really deep traumatic experiences I avoided for years. I was about to come face to face with my demons, face to face with my triggers, face to face with my grief, face to face with it all.

This is what Spirit reminded me of, the agreement I had with myself few years ago, couldn’t escape to social media either, my Facebook wall was plastered with the colour Orange.

I couldn’t fight it anymore and finally gave in, I took 1 deep breath in and surrendered. The tears started flowing, the pain and sorrow of my ancestors seeped out of my eyes, the tightness in my chest crawled up and out of my throat, tears stung my cheeks. I cannot contain it anymore, the grief escapes from all my senses. I now feel my body and spirit being engulfed in a warm envelope of Love. My Ancestors are present..I can feel them.

There are no words in the English language to describe the ache you feel for your people, for the children who died, went missing, were murdered, abused, beaten and tortured. There are only tears, tears of unwritten words of the heart.

Today, thousands gather across Canada in honour of our uncovered children, our children that never made it home. We light our Sacred fires, we feast them, we acknowledge their lost Spirits and send them home to Gitchi-Mnidoo. We heal as a nation, we heal as one.


#residentialschool #intergenerationaltrauma #215 #cancelcanadaday #everychildmatters #genocide

My First Kundalini Class Experience

I’d like to share my first Kundalini class experience.

I’ve had never heard of Kundalini Yoga until a dear friend had explained it to me.  In 2018, my curiosity peaked and  I signed up for the Kundalini Beginners series that my friend held. The first class was just over an hour. We learned about Kundalini Master Yogi Bhajan, Tuning in with “Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo” , Pranayama and not to mention practised the infamous Breath of Fire.

I remember while I was in an Asana pose, I felt the urge to cry. Eventually my eyes welled up with tears and I was told this feeling was normal and okay to allow those tears to flow. I’ve learned doing certain asana’s will evoke some energy release and feelings. Our class ended with the song by Snatam Kaur “Long Time Sun”. It was beautiful.

When I left the studio I kept thinking to myself “Wow, this is amazing! I feel so light”.  I really felt so light and my head felt airy like I was floating. My body felt so relaxed. As I walking to my car, my legs felt heavy.  I looked at my feet  because it felt like were flopping.  My feet felt so weird, like I wasn’t even walking properly. I probably  didn’t look right walking either. It was funny, I didn’t feel like myself, I had this new energy like I can take on the world. It was such an experience that I fell in love with Kundalini Yoga.

It been a year and half now since my first experience, and now I am a Yoga Teacher! I absolutely love teaching Kundalini Yoga. 


A Smudging Prayer

“Into this smoke, I release all energies that no longer serve me, negativity that surrounds me and all fears that limit me. So it is..”

‘Unknown Authur”

Smudging is ceremony in itself, it carries all four elements; Earth, Water, Fire and Air. I find Smudging is also very grounding and it’s one of my favorite ways to get settled before my practice, smudging clears all negativity, clears my head, my area, everything that surrounds me. It brings me back to myself; a sense of peacefulness. It allows me to feel everything that may come up during my practice.