Sunday Self-Care – Pick a Card

Week of July 25 – July 31 Choose 1 or all 3 cards of your choosing. Take a deep breath and tune in and go with your intuition. Black Tourmaline ( left card) Clear Quartz (middle card) Moonstone (right card) THE REVEAL! If you choose Black Tourmaline, you are in needing to connect with Crystals.Continue reading “Sunday Self-Care – Pick a Card”

My First Kundalini Class Experience

I’d like to share my first Kundalini class experience. I’ve had never heard of Kundalini Yoga until a dear friend had explained it to me.  In 2018, my curiosity peaked and  I signed up for the Kundalini Beginners series that my friend held. The first class was just over an hour. We learned about KundaliniContinue reading “My First Kundalini Class Experience”