An update…

Hey! It’s been a while, I finish my last few hours of my placement and submit my last papers for my Social Work program. As it being my last year, academic studies have been taking a lot of my time. As my studies are slowly finishing, I’m gearing up to take on more Tarot, Oracle… Continue reading An update…

Tarot Reading Sale!!

I was guided last night to offer this time-limited special for you! For the next 10 days, Tarot & Oracle Readings are on sale for $44.44 per person.  Prices for readings will be going up in June so get your reading done before June 1st.  Reading can be one by email, Facetime, or Zoom.  Go… Continue reading Tarot Reading Sale!!

New Offering!!

I have a new offering for you all and it is Mediumship Reading. I’ve been working on my Mediumship for the last few months and the connections are stronger than before. Mediumship has peeked its way into Tarot/Oracle readings with my clients, it’s funny how Spirit wants be heard. When Spirit wants to come, they… Continue reading New Offering!!

Love Transcends Space

I would like to share something that happened today, it melted my heart and reminded me of what we are here to do on this planet.  I felt nudged to go to Dollarama all week, but I ignored it. It was strongest today, today was the day I go to Dollarama. We park the car, walk… Continue reading Love Transcends Space

Yoga 6 class Promo

With life constantly changing in the world at this time and having to make a committing to anything long-term seems a little daunting. What I’ve noticed with myself is yes, I commit to something however in the back of my head I keep in mind that whatever I made a commit to can change. For… Continue reading Yoga 6 class Promo