Boozhoo! Aniin! Hello! My name is Alice and I’m an Registered Yoga Teacher. I specialize in Trauma-Informed Yoga. Yoga has been in my self-care regimen for a number of years, before embarking a journey to becoming a Yoga Teacher. I have a passion for helping people, using a body-focused approach. The soft and gently practice allows me to release in a safe and loving way for myself and to bring the connection between my higher-self and Spirit on a deeper level. The relationship between body and spirit; a connection to your higher self and fine-tuning that connection is what Yoga brings me.

Yoga has allowed me to deal with past issues, helped me with past Intergenerational Trauma’s, and currently life’s hustle bustles as we carry today. Yoga for me is a release, a connection, an intention, and self-love practice. 

My background is Social Work, I’ve worked in the Child Welfare sector for number of years. I’m registered with Yoga Alliance of Canada and I hold two Diploma’s in Social Service Worker and Mental Health & Addictions. I’m also trained in Trauma-Informed Yoga and Trauma-Sensitive for Restorative Yoga.

I collaborate with First Nations communities to bring yoga classes to their clients, youth and families. I have partnered up with other Yoga Studios, Yoga Teachers and Metaphysical stores.

I’m also a Intuitive Tarot/Oracle reader, I’ve been working on my Intuitive gifts for several years, my Clairvoyant and Clairsentience are stronger than other Clairs, although my Clairaudience is kicking in now.

I am an Indigenous Jingle Dress Dancer and from the Mukwa Doodem (Bear Clan). I’ve been dancing in the PowWow circle approx. 15 years. I travel and attend Ceremonies year round with my family. I’m also an artsy person whom loves to Paint, Draw, Art-Journal, Sew and Bead.