Boozhoo! Aniin! Hello! My name is Alice and I’m an. Intuitive Healer. I have a passion for helping people. The soft and gently practice allows me to release in a safe and loving way for myself and to bring the connection between my higher-self and Spirit on a deeper level. The relationship between body and spirit; a connection to your higher self and fine-tuning that connection is what Yoga brings me.

My background is Social Work, I’ve worked in the Child Welfare sector for number of years. I hold two Diploma’s in Social Service Worker and Mental Health & Addictions.

I’m also a Intuitive Tarot/Oracle reader, I’ve been working on my Intuitive gifts for several years, my Clairvoyant and Clairsentience are stronger than other Clairs, although my Clairaudience is kicking in now.

I am an Indigenous Jingle Dress Dancer and from the Mukwa Doodem (Bear Clan). I’ve been dancing in the PowWow circle approx. 15 years. I travel and attend Ceremonies year round with my family. I’m also an artsy person whom loves to Paint, Draw, Art-Journal, Sew and Bead.