Afraid of getting a Tarot Reading?

There have been a few people who were interested in getting a reading but were afraid.  Afraid of what might come up? afraid of their emotions? Or nervous because it’s their first time.

This feeling of being afraid might be a long history of being told and having a belief that Tarot is bad or playing with the dark. Scenes from movie with scenes of a creepy old woman wearing all black doesn’t help either but does perpetuate this belief. There is a whole array of reason as to why individuals are afraid to get a reading, 

You may ask yourself; why would they want a reading if they’re afraid? Well, possibly out of curiosity? and always wanted to get a reading done. They may have come to a point in their life where they are questioning everything? taking a second look at their beliefs and may have found a new path to Spirituality? And open to new tools and divination. 

Tarot and Oracle readings are used as a tool for healing, it brings messages from your Spirit Guides, Ancestors, Angels and Animal Guides. Readings come from a place of love and bring you guidance for your Higher-Self, opening those doors of opportunity to learn about our lessons and to evolve.

So, come to a reading with an open-heart and open-mind. You never know, you may fall in love with a new divination, something you may want to take up, learn to open your Clairs.

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