New Offering!!

I have a new offering for you all and it is Mediumship Reading. I’ve been working on my Mediumship for the last few months and the connections are stronger than before. Mediumship has peeked its way into Tarot/Oracle readings with my clients, it’s funny how Spirit wants be heard. When Spirit wants to come, they find a way.

Connecting to Spirit

The loving connection to Spirit brings a feeling of love and calmness into a Reading, receiving messages from Spirit may come before the person even inquire about a Reading. Our time together has been destined before we even meet, Spirit doesn’t make mistakes, there are no coincidence. 

 As a healer, I trust that clients whom are meant to get a reading and to work with me are meant to. 

Since this is a New Offering ..the Intro Mediumship Offer will be the same as all other Intuitive Readings; which is $60/hour till June 2022. 

If you feel called or nudged to work with me, trust that feeling. Would love to work with you!


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