Full Moon – The Art of Letting Go & Gratitude

Grandmother Moon, what can we say about her? She’s beautiful! She teaches us about letting go, she teaches us to embrace our emotions, she teaches us about the end of a cycle, her feminine energy rules when babies will be born and women. 

As our energy and intuition are the highest during the full moon, it’s quite powerful to do releasing ceremonies. Just as Indigenous do during the Full Moon Ceremonies for women, by lighting their Sacred fires, drumming, singing. We connect to the Sacredness of the Moon. 

I once worked at an agency and it was an all-women team. Nobody wanted to work the ‘On-call’ shifts during the Full Moon, I can hear the moans and groans as they try to switch their shifts. We all knew what the Full Moon energy would bring. 

Now a Full Moon isn’t scary as some may say, there isn’t going to be vampire going to jump out of the bush now; but it is that perfect time to do that inner work for ourselves. Choosing that inner work can be scary as well, not sure what will come up during this time.  It can be a beautiful thing. 

After we let go, you may think ‘Now what?’, I believe this is where Gratitude comes in. Being in a grateful space for our teaching and learning. That heartful space where we are grateful for those people who have come into our lives to teach us a lesson, be grateful for that job security even though it may not be the best from time to time. To be grateful for the money in our account to pay off car repairs; from that accident that taught us about anger, blame and to slow down.

Are there questions that you have? Are you at loss what exactly needing to be released? Do you have questions in regarding what is trying to be revealed to you? Let’s communicate with your Higher Self! 

This week I am offering Full Moon Tarot Readings to help you sort out these questions and help you what is being revealed to you.

You can book thru the contact page, or email me at redmedicineyoga@outlook.com

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