Intro & Frequently Asked Questions

Hi, let me introduce myself, I haven’t done an Introduction in a very long time. 

My name is Alice, I’m a Yoga Teacher and a Reiki Master/Teacher. I’m also an Empath which helps my intuitive abilities come forth. I use Tarot and Oracle cards as a tool, with the help of my abilities to connect with your Spirit Team, to pass on messages to you from your Spirit Guides and helpers. Ancestors most often come thru as well. 

We all have gifts from Creator, some are born knowing they’re Psychic/Mediums and others come into their gifts throughout different stages of their lives. 

Let’s answer a few frequently asked questions: 

Were you always Intuitive? Probably but never paid any attention to it. 

How long did it take you to develop your abilities? It took me years, after the end of my marriage (2015), the death of my nephew (2015) and sister (2016). Grief took me on spiritual journey, a healing journey. In my grief and healing, I’ve become Awakened. I saw the world in a different light, seen myself in my true Essence. When that happened, it was like my body cracked open and my Clairs become more conscious.

How did you get into Tarot? I was always curious and pulled towards Tarot for years but I didn’t know anyone that did Tarot. Until, I seen that Coles sold decks and bought myself a deck and since then, I’m self- taught. 

Can anyone read Tarot?  Yes! if you’re willing and open to learning. 

Let’s connect! 

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