Love Transcends Space

I would like to share something that happened today, it melted my heart and reminded me of what we are here to do on this planet. 

I felt nudged to go to Dollarama all week, but I ignored it. It was strongest today, today was the day I go to Dollarama.

We park the car, walk towards Dollarama. There was a homeless man sitting outside holding up a sign, I didn’t have change, so I offered a smile. As we’re looking around, my youngest Ode’Imin wanted to buy chips with her money, I offer to buy it because I know she has less than a $1 in her wallet. She says she wants to buy it. I don’t argue with her. She then proceeded to grab 2 bottles of water, she grabs the ones that are on sale 2 for $1.00. (She shopped with me long enough to know how to look for the sales) I’m telling her “babe, we have water filters at home” she ignores me and still grabs 2 bottles, again I don’t argue with her. 

As we were walking out, she grabs the chips she bought, (I did have a toonie) in my wallet to help her buy the chips, and I got the water for her. She gives the homeless guy the chips and 2 bottles of water. His eyes lit up when she gave him the chips and water. 

What she did without hesitation humbled me. To do something for someone with the intention of being kind. 

My girls Anishinaabe name is Ode’Imin, which mean Strawberry in Anishinaabmowin and in Cree. Strawberry is a heart medicine, medicine of the heart….Love.

When we lead from the heart, we do wonderful


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