Sunday Self-Care – Pick a Card

Week of August 1st – August 7th

Happy August! Here are this week picks …get settled, take a deep breath and choose 1 -3 cards.

Selenite (left card)

Amethyst (middle card)

Raw Citrine (right card)


If you chose Selenite, a Vision Board is calling to you. I love vision boards, I have one in my bedroom. I look at it everyday and its reminder what I’m working towards. Goals I have in life, things on my bucket list. One things I have on my vision board is a picture of a whale because I always to go whale-watching and guess what? I finally got to that with my best friends last year. Another thing I wanted to do was become a Yoga Teacher, I also have that on my vision board and now I’m a yoga teacher. Never underestimate the power of putting things out into the Universe. Whether you draw it, write it down, say it, think it, visualize it, or put it on your board.

If you chose Amethyst, you are being called to bake. This card was in one of the picks too, possible last weeks? I did give the deck a good shuffle! So, what baked good are calling to you? I’m still in search of a perfect Banana Bread recipe. Would love to hear your favourites.

If you chose Raw Citrine, you are called to Sync with the Moon. New Moon is coming up on August 8, a time to put your energy into Manifestations. The feminine energy is ruled by the Moon, she rules our Moontime (Menstrual cycles), rules our fertility. the energy of planning and starting planting new idea. When we think about what we really want, it’s easier to manifest it into existence. A time for new beginnings, what are you manifesting?

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