Sunday Self-Care – Pick a Card

Week of July 25 – July 31

Choose 1 or all 3 cards of your choosing.

Take a deep breath and tune in and go with your intuition.

Black Tourmaline ( left card)

Clear Quartz (middle card)

Moonstone (right card)


If you choose Black Tourmaline, you are in needing to connect with Crystals. Crystals are great for grounding and other benefits. Crystals carry different energies and properties, you can have in different parts of your home, office, car and on person.

If you chose the Clear Quartz crystal, you are in need of some Aromatherapy, There are different ways you can do this. Example; burn Sage, make a Cedar spray, light some Incense, light up an Oil Diffuser, or light a scented candle. Aromatherapy has a soothing, meditated and relaxation feeling.

If you chose Moonstone crystal, spirit is suggesting you build an Alter, Now, an alter doesn’t have to be religious or anything. When we think of an alter, first thing that comes to mind is a cross of Jesus. However, an alter can be anything important to your spiritual being and growth. Things to add to your alter, candles; incense, medicines, smudge bowl, tarot/oracle cards, any photos of passed loved ones, crystals, sprays. This is your alter, you make it the way you like it.

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