Sunday Self-Care – Pick a Card

Week of July 18 – 24

Choose 1 or all 3 cards that are offered. Take a deep breath, tune in and go with your intuition.

Jade – (left card)

Citrine (middle card)

Desert Rose (right card)


If you chose the crystal Jade, you are welcome to write your gratitude list in your journal. It is a beautiful thing to say/think of something your grateful for, by writing your gratitude list, you put that energy out into the Universe for more abundance; words are energy and so are written words.

If you chose crystal Citrine, you are in need of some BAKING! yum! Baking is another form of meditation. Did you know? to tune out the rest of the world as you perfect your goods. To be intune with your measuring, watching the ingredients blend together, the curiosity of the taste and the patience as the bell goes off on the timer. What will it be? Banana Loaf? Carrot Muffins? or Sugar Cookies?.

If you chose Desert Rose, you are in need of Stillness. Stillness can take place over a cup of coffee as you watch the birds thru your window, stillness can take place right before you jump out of bed, our body and minds are so wrapped up in being busy all the time that we at times feel guilty when we are not doing anything. So set your timer for 2 minutes and just sit/lay there and do nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Again, you are welcome to choose 1 or all three and do them throughout the week

For your own personal reading, please send me and email or choose and time/date from the Calendly link.


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