My First Kundalini Class Experience

I’d like to share my first Kundalini class experience.

I’ve had never heard of Kundalini Yoga until a dear friend had explained it to me.  In 2018, my curiosity peaked and  I signed up for the Kundalini Beginners series that my friend held. The first class was just over an hour. We learned about Kundalini Master Yogi Bhajan, Tuning in with “Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo” , Pranayama and not to mention practised the infamous Breath of Fire.

I remember while I was in an Asana pose, I felt the urge to cry. Eventually my eyes welled up with tears and I was told this feeling was normal and okay to allow those tears to flow. I’ve learned doing certain asana’s will evoke some energy release and feelings. Our class ended with the song by Snatam Kaur “Long Time Sun”. It was beautiful.

When I left the studio I kept thinking to myself “Wow, this is amazing! I feel so light”.  I really felt so light and my head felt airy like I was floating. My body felt so relaxed. As I walking to my car, my legs felt heavy.  I looked at my feet  because it felt like were flopping.  My feet felt so weird, like I wasn’t even walking properly. I probably  didn’t look right walking either. It was funny, I didn’t feel like myself, I had this new energy like I can take on the world. It was such an experience that I fell in love with Kundalini Yoga.

It been a year and half now since my first experience, and now I am a Yoga Teacher! I absolutely love teaching Kundalini Yoga. 


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