Red Medicine Healing & Wellness is a mobile/virtual studio that brings the healing of breath, body flow and divination to individuals in their healing journey.

Grounding your practice in the Anishinaabe Medicine Wheel and Ways of Knowing; we will focus on healing and becoming balance in our Emotional, Mental, Spiritual and Physical wellness. 

Intuitive Readings

Intuitive readings are used as a guidance tool to bring clarity in situations and/or relationships.

Intuitive Readings also help individuals with answers they seek, blockages come to light, shift mindset and to receive messages from Spirit.

Oracle Card Readings

Oracle Readings are cards used from the traditional Rider Wait-Smith Tarot cards.

Mediumship Reading

Connecting to loved ones,

Intuitive Guidance

We have those whom are wanting to connect with Loved Ones, I connect to Spirit to bring message for you. Reading are done in a opening and loving space. Mediumship readings also brings healing to those whom are grieving

Mediumship Readings